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4:44 PM | posted by Natasha Lee

Good evening! How are you! Cny is ending soon, assignments are comin T.T Can't believe that i'm goin back in 2 more days! BE HARDWORKING, nata! I'm gonna start with my busy life again after few months of hols. Gonna go for training every week, well it's usually at night. AND, i'm gonna face my laptop from the mornin till another mornin again lol pity my eyes and my back. I'm takin Design for Production (Michael Lee if not mistaken), Interactive Design for Games and Web Applications (Wilson), Digital Video Camera Techniques (Greg), and CIC for this sem. So the other 3 subjects will be done in the final sem. Have fun in my final year!

Mami and her good friend ^^

They might look yummy to you but they aren't my favs 
I don't eat raw food. Salmon? Me no likey:/

Ta-daaa! Prawns yeeeeeay!!

Went for Cny shopping at Suria i forgot the exact date but i'm sure it was a sunny Sunday. Our brunch was Sushi Tei! It was my first time here. I'm not a fan of Japanese food, to me, they're all the same, lol but i do like their prawns, bean curd skins and the sweet sauce, as long as they're cooked. Teehee.

Mami said:" Wo gen ben kan bu dong na xie ming zhi!" It means "I don't understand those names!" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha so do i. So what we did was just read through the written ingredients. I let sis to order for us. My job is to eat!!!!! 


I found one of the names from the Internet, like i said, my job is to eat that's all lol.
Puccia de Pollo is the last one *highly recommended* For the rest, idk!!!! Idk what i had! I just know that everythin was with cheese haha super nice ok.

We headed to the Segamat night market after our dinner because sis and i always prefer to take a long walk after we eat. It's not like it's very far away to get there. It was crowded that everybody was so close to each other, we all heard that lot of people just got robbed omg, must be careful of the pilak!!

Very traditional 

Wenta popo gong gong's house on the Nian 30 ( don't think they call it nian 30 for this year, who cares?!) We come here once a year and we've been celebratin it without popo and gong gong for quite a long time ady. I believe that they're doin just fine. Our family cooked duck and vege this time. You can see from the pic above and above, the greenest one followin by the left hand side one ^^

Please talk to each other la come on why is everyone on the phone!! I think cousins busy textin with their gfs/bfs!!! *jealous*

Yes i am, haha

"Excuse me..excuse me.....let me pass" So many people helpin out in the kitchen -.-

The "kids'" table

Saw the plates without rice? One of em was mine! I don't like rice haha

The parents' table

All the great dadis! Guess which one is mine? Wahaha

Tea time at another cousin's house

Cheese is awesome!!

It took around 1 hour 40++ minutes to drive from KK to Beaufort. I went back with my fam because cousins from mami's side are from there. We're the earliest every year nian chu 2, dadi is a very punctual person. Brunch started when everyone arrived, then when we're done, we chitchat.. We talked about schools, universities, assignments, different places, pakto problems, bla bla bla...

Prawns and fish always the best!

Followed sis to her ex classmate's open house last Saturday. Soooooo many people but i couldn't see a friend lol. What i dislike about gointa rich people's open house is that...... Nobody sees me, nobody pays attention to me, nobody is watchin... Therefore, NO ANGPAU WAS GIVEN. Hahahaha no la i'm not that kinda person ok, no offense to those rich people. What's important to me is to enjoy!! I enjoy eatin hahaha eat again.

Watch sis bought these for me from Taiwan yeay ty i love the packaging!

I'll blog again when i reach Kuching ok see ya!

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11:38 AM | posted by Natasha Lee

Hi everybody! Do you miss me? Hahaha. Finally i'm back bloggin again! I had a laptop with a spoiled screen lol everythin works fine, windows is still runnin just that it shows nothin. So i mostly went online usin my cell phone for the past few weeks. It was sent to the Acer service center and i just got it back yesterday, they wanna charge me for RM450 for that god damn LCD with 3 months warranty ONLY. Ahhhh soooooo pricey T_T I got my D-80 repaired which costs around RM400 two years ago. Money y u fly away so fast?!

Oh well... So yupppp, it was a super sunny day! Such a perfect weather to go for shootin. Dadi brought me here last Saturday. They had some Cny performance and bazaar. Of course i applied sunscreen all over my body before i went out, BUT IT WAS STILL SO HOT!! 


So colourful, me likey:D


Sooooo crowded

I was so closed to everyone of em, they were runnin very very fast, i feel like i'm about to get stepped on lol my life could have probably ended here.

Randomly shoot this dude cause i think he's kinda handsome lol

Chilled at the beach after dadi and i finished shootin
My hair is so oily + messy after a long day, ikr:/
Ahhh i hate my freckles, my nose, my eyes my round face, my lips.. Can i have plastic surgery?:(

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